NUFC: 10 Reasons Why Alan Pardew Must Go

4. ‘Yes Man’ who belittles the club

Even the staunchest of Pardew-lovers would admit that he’s only in the Newcastle job because he’s a very loyal ‘Yes Man’ to Mike Ashley. This loyalty has survived the local press ban served in October, having no money to spend and the constant selling of key players without replacement. He just takes it.  Defending your boss is an admirable trait but, when this compels you to insult your supporters’ intelligence, it’s actually quite offensive. It is hurtful to be repeatedly told that we should be grateful to Mike Ashley, be indebted to him for this club’s existence and we should be thankful that he doesn’t spend a penny even though the income streams are overflowing. Don’t meet that player’s market value….we could be the next Portsmouth!

Counter-argument: He’s just passing on Mike Ashley’s message – someone has to!

It’s possible to play within Ashley’s rules and still appear ambitious, or just not limit how far the club can go. He keeps building up Southampton as some financial behemoth that we can’t compete with: “You look at a club like Southampton and they’re in a much stronger financial position than us.” Another time, he said: “We have had nowhere near the funding that Southampton have got, so in some ways you could argue that we are battling against the tide here.” Not content with putting us below his former club, he believes their academy’s success is down to the middle-class players in their catchment area. He declared: “There are a lot of middle-class kids who have a good education. The players who come out of Southampton are quite intelligent and there might be something in that. We have to put more intelligence into our players”, before hastily adding: “I’m definitely not going down the line ‘Geordies are thick’, by the way!” Allegedly the football man in the regime, he gives no resistance to Ashley and refuses to challenge him. That’s because he knows he’ll never get a better job, so it’s best to toe the company line.



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