NUFC: 10 Reasons Why Alan Pardew Must Go

1. He has lost the players

It’s evident in almost every recent performance and they’ve made it glaringly obvious – the players don’t believe in Pardew anymore. Dull, unimaginative and heartless performances have accompanied this bad form. A player revolt is bubbling under the surface and they hope that player power will prevail. There are individuals there like Ben Arfa, Yanga-Mbiwa, Debuchy and Sissoko who will most likely ask to leave if Pardew is still in charge come July. One of the common responses to wanting a new manager under Mike Ashley is “Be careful what you wish for” – well, I am. Tim Sherwood has been linked and I think he’s an awful manager but I’d take him over Pardew in a heartbeat. Why? Because the problem has gone beyond results now, there is a poison within the club and it’s only going to get worse until someone makes way. Recent reports have stated that Ben Arfa and Coloccini have spoken out against Pardew in post-match dressing rooms, which says it all.

Counter-argument: The players need to share the blame. They should be ashamed.

Which is right, yes. The players aren’t blameless here, especially the ones who clearly have the World Cup on their minds. The way they surrendered to Sunderland without a fight really worried me. But when a man like Fabricio Coloccini – the respected, normally reserved club captain – has resorted to speaking out against the manager, you know there’s a problem. There must be a genuine reason. Whether you like Pardew or not, the results have been awful and aren’t going to get better anytime soon. A new manager might appear worse but right now the attitude must be ‘Anyone but Pardew’. It is essential for the future of this club. Because, if Pardew stays, Newcastle will surely be relegation candidates next season. Stop defending the indefensible and spread the word: PARDEW OUT!


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