NUFC: 10 Reasons Why Alan Pardew Must Go

For many people, the penny is starting to drop. The local press are beginning to turn the screw on Newcastle manager Alan Pardew and with good reason. As someone who has been anti-Pardew for over a year now, I’ve taken lots of flak from friends and colleagues who support other clubs and just see the situation from the outside. Fans of Charlton and West Ham may sympathise, having seen Pardew’s cycle in full themselves. ‘Warned a pal’ is a relevant anagram of his name, as I was warned by an Addicks fan about what was to come. A mass brainwashing has taken place from the Mike Ashley regime, celebrating mediocrity, financial gains and a ‘jobs for the boys’ attitude over glory and ambition. And fans fell for it. Growing up, what I loved about Newcastle fans was how honourable and honest we are – it seemed like common sense unified everyone into thinking sensibly and speaking their minds when needed. It’s heartbreaking to see what has become of the majority, who see match day at St James’ Park as simply a checkpoint on their Saturday pub crawl, greeting the latest lifeless defeat with a quiet shrug of the shoulders. It’s a form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, where victims begin to empathise with the abuser and identify with them. They see Pardew as a victim, in the same boat as us fans – abused by Ashley. They fail to acknowledge that he is part of the problem. A huge part! But finally, after Pardew blamed the local press after the Stoke defeat, heads are coming out of the sand. Not yet the national press journalists, who still fall over themselves to brown-nose him at every opportunity, despite his controversial touchline antics. Louise Taylor from the Guardian is an exception, recently claiming: “A new word has entered the Geordie vocabulary: Pardewed. To be Pardewed involves having all the creativity crushed out of you. Increasing numbers of Newcastle United fans believe its victims include several members of the club’s first-team squad.” Incredibly, there is still a small crowd who continually defend the indefensible and, with a bit of luck, the following 10 reasons should definitively and unarguably change their minds.

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